Apr 10, 2024

50+ true wireless earbuds discounted at Best Buy

For those who are thinking about taking advantage of true wireless earbuds deals, you won’t be disappointed with the offers that are available in an ongoing sale from Best Buy. With more than 50 options, you should be able to find the perfect true wireless earbuds for you in terms of price and features. You’re going to have to look through all the deals and decide on what to purchase quickly though, because we’re not sure how much time you’ve got left to take advantage of them.

Apple fans, don’t miss this chance from Best Buy to get the latest versions of the AirPods with discounts. The are down to $150 from $170 for $20 in savings, while the are on sale for $200 instead of $250 following a $50 discount. Both are included in our roundup of the best true wireless earbuds because of their great sound quality and ease of use with Apple’s devices, but you’ll want to go for the AirPods Pro 2 if you want active noise cancellation.

If you just want the cheapest true wireless earbuds that you can get from the sale, the most affordable options are the for $20, $5 off their original price of $25, and the for $22, $8 off their sticker price of $30. These devices are pretty basic, but they offer battery lives of up to 23 hours and more than 20 hours, respectively, if you include their charging cases. Other true wireless earbuds that you can consider are the uniquely-shaped , which are down to $80 from $150 after a $70 discount, and a pair of noise-canceling devices — the , which are down to $84 from $140 following a $56 discount, and the , which are down to $120 from $150 for savings of $30.

There are more than 50 true wireless earbuds with discounts in Best Buy’s ongoing sale, but you’ll have to hurry with your purchase if you want to get any of them for cheaper than usual because these offers may expire at any moment. With options from brands like Apple, Samsung, JVC, JLab, Amazon, and Beats, there’s surely something for you in this sale, so take a look at all the deals and push through with your purchase of the true wireless earbuds that you select before their price returns to normal.