Jun 30, 2024

Anker's magnetic wireless charger hits its best price ever in this Prime Day deal

Charge on the go for cheap with Anker's magnetic wireless charger for just $40

Perfect for giving your phone a quick boost on the go, Anker's 5,000mAh magnetic wireless charger is as convenient as it gets. Designed for use with MagSafe phone cases, this portable power bank acts as an external battery to keep your phone up and running all day. A must-buy accessory for $40, if you've got the case to use it with.

While it's no secret that portable power banks can be an absolute lifesaver when you're devices run low and your out and about, they aren't all quite as convenient to use as others. Some are a bit bulky, and you need to keep your phone plugged in during recharging, so it can still be a hassle to actually use your phone while it's juicing up. Sure, it may not be as bad as it sounds, but if you aren't familiar with MagSafe adapters for Android phones, you can actually cut the cord and grab a magnetic wireless charger to keep your phone going without having to be plugged in.

Anker has a pretty sweet wireless portable charger that takes advantage of MagSafe technology, letting you hook your phone up directly to it via a magnetic base. It's a bit on the pricier side at $70 normally, however, and it can be costly to grab this plus a case if you don't have one. However, a Prime Day power bank deal just dropped that's offering this nifty little wireless magnetic charger for its lowest price ever of just $40, a large enough discount to warrant a purchase plus pick up a MagSafe case at a good price.

Granted you have a proper MagSafe case or adapter to use Anker's wireless charger, it offers a super convenient way to extend your phone's battery by a sizable amount. Not only can it just be tossed onto the back of your phone to charge, it holds up to 5,000mAh of power which, in many cases, offers close to a full charge for the latest phones on the market. While more premium options like the Galaxy S23 Ultra may not get a full recharge, it's enough to keep your phone going for at least another day or so.

With the USB-C port, it also charges itself fairly quickly, meaning it's easy to get a quick boost for your phone when you need it. It doesn't feature fast-charging protocol support, however, so keep in mind that it won't charge your phone nearly as fast as it'll charge itself. That said, the convenience it offers as a wireless portable power bank makes it an excellent backup phone charger when you're on the go. The design also incorporates a little kickstand as well, letting you keep your phone upright for a better viewing angle during recharging.

As mentioned, this can be a bit pricey to buy on its own if you don't have a MagSafe case for your phone. At $70 normally, you're running close to $100 for the charger and a case separately. However, at $40 it's a much better value for the money, and with MagSafe cases usually going anywhere from $10 to $70, can make the purchase a bit easier on the wallet. If you already have a MagSafe case, this is a must-buy at the reduced Prime Day price.

Troy Fleming is a Deals Writer for Android Police who has worked in the eCommerce industry for over 10 years. In those years, he has gained extensive knowledge in how retailers think when it comes to sales and pricing, and has since redirected his focus towards writing to use his expertise to help others find great deals on everything from gaming gear to phones and all other forms of hardware.When he's not scouring the net for savings, Troy loves spending time with his wife and son, working on leather crafting, traveling and hiking around Colorado, practicing his archery skills, listening to his favorite music, or casually getting stomped in For Honor.