Jul 28, 2023

Best JBL earbuds in 2023

Feel the beat and enjoy every aspect of your music with JBL’s best earbuds

Whether you are an audiophile or just looking for earbuds that deliver quality sound, you'll be impressed by the variety of top-tier options in JBL's collection. Furthermore, the brand is known for its high-performance wireless earbuds that offer active noise cancellation (ANC), punchy bass, clear mids, long battery life, and comfort. And like its competitors — audio brands such as Sennheiser, Sony, Apple, Samsung, and Bose, the company makes earbuds for many lifestyles. As such, you'll find JBL earbuds tailored for gaming, travel, sports, work, and other activities. It all depends on audio needs and preferences.

With 11mm drivers and snug oval ear tips, the JBL Live Pro 2 deliver punchy bass and near-audiophile mids. The buds feature adaptive noise cancellation when it's time to focus on the music and smart ambient function for outdoor (and more) awareness. They have an impressive 40 hours of battery life (case + buds) with ANC disabled, connect via Bluetooth 5.2, feature six mics for clear calls, offer multi-device pairing, and are also IPX5 certified.

If you are willing to go premium, the JBL Tour Pro 2 are a great pick. These earbuds will give a taste of JBL’s spatial sound while drowning out the world's hustle and bustle, thanks to their smart features and powerful drivers. Plus, the case is touch-enabled and offers quick access to all functions. These earbuds pair through Bluetooth 5.3, charge wirelessly, are IPX5-rated, and provide 32 hours of continuous playback in ANC mode.

Who said you can’t get deep bass and decent sound quality on a budget? Well, the JBL Vibe Beam are here to prove it can be achieved with their dynamic 8mm drivers and stick-closed design. The smart ambient function provides surroundings awareness, while the built-in mics allow for hands-free calls. Although these buds don’t offer ANC, they provide 32 hours of listening time (with case), utilize Bluetooth 5.2 technology, are comfortable to wear, and have an IPX54 rating.

Wired earbuds are slowly being forgotten with the advancement in wireless technology, but the JBL Tune 205 are still as relevant as ever. With 12.5mm drivers that produce tight bass and good mids, these are, without a doubt, one of the best pairs of wired JBL earbuds. The earbuds’ housing is metallic but lightweight, while the cable is flat and tangle-free. However, JBL hasn’t indicated the ingress protection rating, so you better keep 'em dry.

The JBL Endurance Peak 3 are unique compared to other earbuds on the list because they feature secure ear hooks. That said, you can workout, hike, surf, ski, and take part in other sporting activities without issue. As far as sound goes, they deliver deep bass that can heard for 50 hours (buds and case). Additionally, the buds are IP68-rated for maximum water and dust resistance, support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and have smart ambient awareness. There’s no ANC, though.

The JBL Reflect Mini are among the best sports earbuds you can add to your tech collection. They have an IPX7 rating, so you can let the sweat drip without worry. The 6mm drivers reproduce JBL’s signature sound, while the mics allow for hands-free calling. In addition, the buds have smart ambient and ANC support, meaning you can safely travel busy streets and still focus on the music. With these buds, you will enjoy 21 hours of uninterrupted playback.

The JBL Tune Buds combine great form factor and powerful drivers to give you quality bass and excellent mids. They have ergonomic ear tips for user comfort, can play music for 48 hours (buds + case), and have four high-quality microphones for near-perfect clarity during calls. These buds can also block ambient noise through the ANC function, allowing you to feel every beat. With an IPX54 rating, Bluetooth 5.3 support, and superb build quality, you can never go wrong.

The JBL Tour Pro+ offer tons of amazing features and rich sound for the price point. They are lightweight, Qi-certified, comfortable to wear, can hold a charge for 32 hours, and boast six mics for your convenience. Like most JBL buds, they use adaptive noise cancellation to improve sound quality in loud places. They also offer IPX5 waterproofing, support voice assistant integration, and come with ambient aware tech to tune into your surroundings.

The JBL Live Free 2 sound amazing and look stylish. The buds have 11mm drivers that deliver crisp bass and ear tips for comfort during long listening hours. They can stream audio through Bluetooth 5.2, cancel out unwanted noise, provide a great fit, and entertain for 35 hours (if you include the battery in the case). And since the earbuds support speed charge, you’ll listen more and power up less.

Take your listening experience up a notch with the JBL Tune Flex — a pair of high-performance earbuds that stream detailed mids and thumping bass. With the help of active noise cancellation, these buds provide quality sound (even in noisy environments) and employ smart ambient monitoring algorithms to boost your focus on the outside world. Their IPX4 rating offers great sweat-proofing, and the battery can last for 32 hours when ANC is not in use.

The JBL Vibe Buds are quite affordable, but that does not mean they produce low-quality sound. In fact, the dynamic 8mm drivers deliver deep bass and melodic mids that’ll lift your mood. The case is IPX2 rated, while the buds are IP54 protected, so they can withstand dust and light showers. You will get 32 hours of playback if you use the battery in the charging case. And the microphones let you answer calls on the go.

If you are tight on cash but still want to enjoy quality sound from wired earbuds, look no further than the JBL Tune 110. Like the Tune 205, they come with a tangle-free cable to prevent pesky knots and feature a single-button remote for easily answering calls or pausing music. In terms of comfort, the ear tips (available in three sizes) deliver a snug fit without putting pressure on your ear canal.

When choosing earbuds, consider sound quality, battery life, waterproofing, and ergonomics. At the end of the day, these attributes are most important. Imagine having earbuds that deliver the best sound but don't hold a charge long enough for you to enjoy your music. Or maybe a pair that offers hours and hours of playback time with no waterproofing or isn't comfortable and produces low-quality sound. Depending on your needs, you may also need earbuds that support voice assistant integration, have active noise cancellation, or essential features.

The JBL Live Pro 2 earbuds are the best overall selection because they sound great, are reasonably priced, and have just about every standard earbud feature. They are also comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear them for hours. Even though the JBL Tour Pro 2 pack a lot of premium features and offer long battery life, they are a bit overpriced if you compare them with other high-end models like the Sony WF-1000XM5 that cost a little more but offer better sound quality over Bluetooth and support for multiple codecs, including LDAC.

Aside from the Live Pro 2, the JBL Vibe Beam earbuds don't have ANC but are still a great pick nonetheless. They offer great value for money if you consider the price-to-performance ratio. If you prefer wired earbuds over their wireless counterparts or have a budget, the JBL Tune 205 is a go-to option. These buds deliver great bass and melodic mids and are gentle on the ears. To top it all off, the metal housings make them super durable.

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