Sep 02, 2023

Best Wireless Chargers to Shop 2023

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Everyone deserves less wires. This is how you do it.

Nothing is more annoying than fumbling around with wires. Getting your TV or projector, streaming stick, and gaming console set up on the same entertainment set? A logistical nightmare. So why have you let the chords overrun your bedside table. Why are you still using charging cables?

To be fair, the switch to wireless charging is a weird one. As tech goes, this is one of those totally unnecessary gadgets. But as far as home gadgets go, it's easily one of the most life changing. To be able to toss your phone down and instantly have it start charging is a luxury we all need to feel. It's better than never vacuuming again. It's better than getting rid of back pain.

But, there's a lot of ugly wireless chargers out there. (Specifically the weird off-brand ones that do numbers on a certain Amazon0n-dot-com.) So, we scoured the internet for the best-looking options, and then we got to charging. And the result was this list: The 6 absolute best wireless chargers on the market. Honestly, these are the only ones we can in-good-conscious recommend you buy.

I've probably told everyone I know that they need this wireless charging catchall from Courant. Everyone needs a catchall of some sort, somewhere to toss your keys, wallet, loose change, and everything else from your pockets. I'm super picky about the stuff that sits on my dresser or bedside, so a tech-brand catchall scared me; it really scared me. But! When done up in real Italian saddle leather, this option from Courant looks so damn good. Plus, the three coil wireless charging area makes actually finding the charging area effortless. All you do is drop your phone down.

Now let me address the price. Yes, $175 is steep. But if you consider how much actual luxury catchalls cost, it's not that crazy. For one of those rare tech accessories that actually looks luxury, I'd say it's a steal.

Sorry for the double feature, but no one does wireless chargers as well as Courant. It's a category that's full of ugly products, but the brand is making chargers that actually look good on your nightstand. Plus, it's on Amazon, so it arrives within a day.

The smaller Catch:2 might actually be better for some people, since it can charge two devices at once. And when you buy it in one of the linen options—I prefer the more neutral beige—it's actually quite affordable.

If you like the idea of doubling your phone as a bedside clock, go for a wireless charging stand. This option from iOttie is technically designed for Google phones, but it works with any wireless charging device. Plus, there's a space for your wireless charging earbuds.

Ok, I've talked about how wireless chargers look for a lot of this list, but this one is absolutely the most unique. Einova decks its wireless charger out in marble, real marble, like the rooms of yesteryear's palaces, churches, and other well thought of buildings.

It's a cool design touch that makes a simple wireless charger actually feel quite luxurious.

For anyone on the go, this 3-in-1 from Case-Mate is an incredible option. When set up, it's actually the fastest charging on this list, hitting the 15W needed for super-fast charging Android phones. And, it's got plenty of watts left over for the accessories.

Then when you want to take it on the go, it folds up nice and neat. It'll easily slip into smaller pockets in a work bag or suitcase.

I had one of these when I worked as a delivery driver (personal low point), so from a practical standpoint, I can't recommend it enough. It's easy to setup, easy to pop your phone in and out of, and easy to move around. It's everything you'd want from a car charger, and it only cost $50. If for some reason you prefer having your charger in the console, not on the windshield, there is an identical version that clips on the AC vent.

There's a million of these things on the market, and we've tasted damn near all of them. This is what we're looking for when doing so:

Looks - It's weird, but as tech goes, this is one of the most visible things you interact with everyday. Your phone goes in your pocket, your laptop in a bag, and your projector packs away. But your wireless charger is always out on a desk, dresser, or nightstand. It needs to look good, and it needs to make you happy, which is why a lot of the options on this list use minimal plastic parts.

Charging speed - The other big worry is charging speed, so let me be clear: iPhones max out at 7.5W, most Android phones max out around 10W, anything else is marketing tactics. And the other thing is that phones will only charge so fast. Anything on this list is top-of-the-line for charging speed. Don't stress about it too much.

Luke Guillory is the Associate Commerce Editor at Esquire.

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