Dec 17, 2023

Does the Google Pixel 8 have wireless charging?

The Google Pixel 8 looks set to impress with a wealth of great features, but how does it handle wireless charging?

Quick answer: Yes, the Google Pixel 8 supports wireless charging and is Qi-certified.

The Google Pixel 8 has officially arrived. It's undoubtedly one of the best Android phones around, improving from the standard set by the Pixel 7. The phone ships with an all new Tensor G3 chipset and adds a wealth of improvements to existing features (Photo Unblur, Magic Eraser, etc.) and a bevy of new ones, like Audio Magic Eraser and Best Take.

With all this great stuff going on beneath the surface and powered by improved AI functionality, it’s worth asking how the battery will perform against a newly stacked load of demands. Specifically, you’re probably wondering if and how well the Pixel 8 will handle wireless charging, a mainstay in the world of flagship smartphones these days.

The new Google Pixel 8 supports wireless charging, just like its predecessor. While the new Pixel phone delivers slightly faster wired charging than the earlier Pixel 7, its wireless charging capacity is unchanged.

That means it can charge at up to 18W when using the Google Pixel Stand (2nd Generation), but when paired with a regular Qi-certified charger the device will see a max charging rate of 12W. These aren’t exactly blistering speeds, but the capability remains embedded in the Pixel 8, which gives us something to celebrate, nonetheless.

While the wireless charging feature remains essentially the same in the new device, the Pixel 8's battery has had some upgrades.

The battery itself has seen a slight bump, with a 4,485mAh capacity compared to the Pixel 7’s 4,270mAh power pack. But improved power efficiency and software tweaks have made the battery life gains even greater - we got as much as 6 hours and 30 minutes of screen-on time in our review testing.

The Pixel 8 supports reverse charging through the Battery Share feature. This means that your Pixel 8 will be able to recharge other Qi-certified devices like your Pixel Buds or Watch. The tool can also be deployed to charge non-Pixel devices as well, giving you the ability to act as a lifeline for a friend’s less-equipped smartphone at the end of a long day.

The Pixel 8 can achieve a 50% charge in roughly 30 minutes as well using a 30W charger that supports USB-PD 3.0 (PPS) charging, like the Google 30W model.

The Google Pixel 8 supports wireless charging, as expected. The phone delivers 18W max input when paired with the Google Pixel Stand. The device relies on beefed up AI specs alongside a brand-new Tensor G3 SoC. But this all hinges on the Pixel 8's spectacular battery performance and its ability to quickly recharge wirelessly and even offer up battery power to other devices.

The Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) is a Qi-certified charger that lets you charge phones and accessories from other manufacturers. It enables you to use your Pixel phone as a Nest Hub to control your connected camera, lights, and more. Nevertheless, what distinguishes this stand as the top dog of Pixel 8 wireless chargers is that it’s the only one that lets you charge your phone at its max 18W speed.

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