May 27, 2024

Save 27% on Apple's MagSafe Duo Wireless Charger

A wireless charger richly enhances your time with a new iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods. Right now, Woot has one of the best Apple deals thanks to having the Apple MagSafe Duo for $35 off so you pay $95 for the device. While that might feel expensive for a charger, we’re here to explain why it’s actually worth your time and money. Here’s a quick overview or you can always simply tap the buy button instead.

One of the best iPhone chargers you can buy at the moment, the Apple MagSafe Duo does a lot while looking good. It lays out on your desk, bedside cabinet, or other surface, providing you with room to place your iPhone along with AirPods or Apple Watch. It also works with other Qi-certified devices so anyone seeking out one of the best wireless phone chargers will benefit here.

All you need to do is place the devices down and you get back a steady and efficient charge as soon as the two make contact. Any time you’re not using the Apple MagSafe Duo, you can simply fold it together and store it away so it never takes up too much room. It’s ideal for anyone who travels frequently.

The Apple MagSafe Duo works with all iPhones from the iPhone 8 up, and it also works with all AirPods that have a wireless charging case. Apple Watch compatibility is across the board, so every Apple Watch can be charged with this device. With the Apple Watch, you can choose to place it either sideways so it’s looped around the charging position or down so it’s flat to the surface. To get the best from the Apple MagSafe Duo, pair it up with a USB-C power adapter for the speediest of charges.

An essential accessory to go alongside one of the best iPhones, the Apple MagSafe Duo is a great investment to make. It usually costs $130, but right now you can buy it from Woot for $95. It might sound pricey for a charger but you’ll soon appreciate just how much more convenient it is than pricier fare. Check it out now by hitting the buy button below.