Sep 03, 2023

Does Google Pixel 8 have fast charging?

The new Google Pixel 8 supports fast charging, and it’s faster than the Pixel 7.

The new Google Pixel 8 has everyone abuzz thanks to the upgrades over its predecessor, with just a $100 bump in the price tag. The Pixel 8 comes with a brand-new Tensor G3 chip, better cameras, and a brighter but slightly smaller screen.

Like every year, this year’s Pixel comes with the latest version of Android as well — Android 14.

Google also made a significant announcement regarding software updates; the Mountain View-based company promised to roll out updates for the next seven years. In comparison, previous Pixel smartphones were capped at five years of software support. Considering how much flagship phones cost nowadays, this is something that should please all Pixel buyers.

We’re happy to see that the battery capacity of the new Pixel now stands at 4,575mAh, compared to the 4,355mAh pack inside the Pixel 7. And if you’re wondering whether the Pixel 8 supports fast charging like the Pixels that came before, the answer is a definitive "yes." And that’s not all; the 20W fast charging has now been increased to 27W.

The Pixel 8 also supports wireless charging, and like the Pixel 7, this new Pixel device supports reverse wireless charging, too. Named “Battery Share,” this feature is pretty useful for times when you need to charge your Pixel Buds/Buds Pro or any other electronics that support the Qi standard. Note that the speeds on Battery Share are pretty low — it’s capped at 5W.

While rumors were doing the rounds that the Pixel 8 would support 65W fast charging, unfortunately, that turned out to be untrue. But we’re glad to see that the Pixel 8 supports 27W fast charging, compared to the 20W fast charging capabilities of the Pixel 7. While it’s not an insane upgrade, you should notice the difference when you’re charging from low to full capacity.

Wireless charging stats remain the same, with the Pixel 8 offering the same 18W charging limit as its predecessor.

If you have a Qi charger lying around, you can charge this phone with it. Qi charging, also known as wireless charging, is a technology that allows you to charge electronic devices without the need for physical cables or connectors. It relies on electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a charging pad or dock to a compatible device.

Note that on a Qi charger, you won’t hit 18W — you will hover around the 12W mark. If you’re looking for the best fastest wireless charging speeds, you’ll need to buy official Google accessories, specifically, the Google Pixel Stand.

The Pixel Stand is a wireless charging dock designed primarily for Pixel smartphones. It not only charges your device, but it also transforms your phone into a convenient bedside or desktop assistant. With this stand, you can access Google Assistant, view notifications, play music, and even turn your Pixel into a digital photo frame while it charges. While it is sleek and kinda cool, it’s priced at a steep $79.

If you’re an early adopter, or just a Pixel fan who’s been waiting to upgrade to the all-new Pixel 8 series, make sure you check out the deals we’ve compiled on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, and don’t forget to get your smartphone a protective case, while you’re at it.

The Pixel 8 comes with the all-new Tensor G3 chip that promises superior AI capabilities and improved camera performance. You also get a slightly bigger battery and a ​​120Hz screen that can hit a peak brightness of 1400 nits. The Pixel 8 also runs Android 14.

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