Oct 11, 2023

Final VR2000 earphones are great for gaming on the sly

These wired earbuds are designed with gamers in mind

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When you think of gaming headphones, you've likely got a pretty clear picture in mind. Something black or white, and positively brimming with more RGB lighting than a high street on Friday night.

That's fine if you enjoy that kind of thing, but let's be honest – it can quickly get overdone. Users will find similar designs across gaming keyboards, gaming desks... I've even seen RGB-riddled gaming chairs, too!

Still, it's not always the case. The new Final VR2000 earbuds utilise an all-black design which is remarkably understated and stylish. The ABS moulded case features an angular design, which is striking and modern, while retaining an understated edge.

Inside, a 6mm f-Core DU driver brings top-notch audio to the ears of users. That has been redesigned from the ground up, to offer the most impressive possible package for the money.

The team at Final have reworked diaphragms, voice coils, magnets, magnetic circuits and adhesives, in order to make things as lightweight as possible. All of that is packed behind a brass front housing, which is less susceptible to to magnetic forces.

The headphones have been designed with gaming and VR headset usage in mind, though the response is equally adept at anything that requires a high degree of fidelity. ASMR and immersive audio lovers will be thoroughly pleased here, as will lovers of live music styles like jazz.

These are wired earbuds, but there's a generous 1.2m cable length to play with. That should ensure you aren't too tethered to one spot. There's also an in-line microphone, for picking up your audio, too.

All of that from a premium audio brand may have pound signs rolling around your eyes like a cartoon bank robber. But it needn't be the case.

The Final VR2000 earbuds are actually very reasonably priced, costing just £59.99/$69.99. That's really inexpensive for a pair of gaming headphones – particularly some with the pedigree of a luxury audio brand behind them.

So, if you're looking for a pair of headphones which belie their stellar gaming credentials, these Final Audio devices should definitely be on your list.