Aug 19, 2023

Get fast and furious charging with this insanely cheap $5 Lisen car charger deal

This 48W dual-port USB-C and USB-A car charger is too good to pass up

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A good car charger is a lifesaver when you're on the go. Lisen's 48W dual-port USB-C fast car charger is already a good yet cheap option for just $10, offering fast charging capabilities for a single device of standard charging for two via a USB-C and USB-A port. For $5 though, what are you waiting for? Just click the link already!

While most cars now feature a USB-A port to connect cables to, if you've only got a USB-C cable to use you're a bit out of luck. Until cars decide to catch up to this standard, however, a car charger is one of the cheapest alternatives to keep your devices juiced up while you're on the go. There's plenty of options out there to choose from, but Amazon has an excellent deal on the Lisen 48W dual-port USB-C fast car charger that's just too good to pass on. With an on-page coupon and coupon code, you can get this reliable yet extremely affordable car charger for just $5 — an unbeatable price for a car charger that supports both PD 30W charging and QC 18W charging.

Lisen's 48W dual-port USB-C fast car charger is probably the least expensive option you can choose right now, however it's not by any means a cheap charger. There's plenty this thing does right, including a durable design and support for fast charging protocols — of which you'll usually only see in chargers double the price. All of which comes in a convenient little package designed to plug straight into your car's 12V DC port, with an intelligent power management chip and high-grade materials to charge safely and effectively.

Featuring both a USB-C and USB-A port, you'll be able to charge phones, tablets, and other devices like the Galaxy S23 and the Google Pixel 7 while you're on the road. It's also safe for wireless charging stations, so you can setup your wireless charger in your car without issue. However, it's important to note that the fast charging capabilities only work if you've got one device plugged in. You'll see your Samsung phone back to 80% in as little as 35-minutes when using fast charging, but for other models and larger devices, that time-frame can vary.

One big concern with a car charger this cheap is just how durable it is, and thankfully the Lisen car charger is rock solid. Made with PC fuel barrier V-0 grade materials, this charger is heat resistant and flame retardant to prevent overheating and damage from the 12V DC port. It features an aluminum shell that actually helps optimize charging speeds as well by dissapating heat more efficiently. So not only is it durable, it's about as safe and reliable as you can get.

At it's normal $10 price tag, the Lisen 48W dual port USB-C car charger is already a great value. It offers everything you'd need from a car charger, and it does it at one of the most affordable prices you'll find. Slap a 50% discount on it, however, and there's no reason not to grab one right now.

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