Sep 11, 2023

Anker is supporting Qi2 in its latest MagGo chargers revealed at IFA

By Umar Shakir, a news writer fond of the electric vehicle lifestyle and things that plug in via USB-C. He spent over 15 years in IT support before joining The Verge.

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Anker’s newest batch of mobile power accessories includes new Qi2-equipped MagGo magnetic chargers, stations, and power banks, as well as new Nano USB-C chargers ready for any future iPhone 15 owners who might be tearing out old Lightning-equipped setups to go with their new phones and AirPods. Rumors suggest Qi2 support will be enabled with the launch of the iPhone 15 lineup, possibly enabling 15W charge speeds without Apple’s MagSafe certification.

However, Apple hasn’t confirmed its plans on that front just yet, and we’ll find out soon if other manufacturers will update their devices for Qi2 or support the spec on new phones launching later this year, like the Pixel 8 series.

Supporting the next version of the Qi wireless charging standard means including a circular magnet arrangement based on Apple’s input that matches the MagSafe design. Anker’s previous MagGo gear was only “MagSafe-compatible,” which was generally cheaper but limits iPhones to 7.5-watt charging compared to the 15-watt charging available with MagSafe-branded gear.

Anker’s first Qi2-updated MagGo hardware is the portable Power Bank (shown above), with its kickstand and a USB-C port to charge other devices at up to 27W. This time, it has an LCD screen on the side that keeps you informed about the 10,000mAh battery’s status and it will be available in a wide variety of colors. Anker is also launching a 6,600mAh Power Bank that folds out to a sturdier-looking stand — perfect for supporting iOS 17’s StandBy mode.



If you’re a fan of chargers that can support a trio of devices, Anker will offer three MagGo Wireless Charging station designs that support powering your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously, in addition to a simpler 15W pad charger. One charging station is in a familiar-looking tree arrangement that works well on a bedroom side table. The second arranges each device side-by-side and can fold flat. And the last one folds like a clamshell with the Apple Watch trailing off the back.

And this 67W MagGo Magnetic Charging Station promises 8-in-1 output on the desktop, pushing up to 15W wireless charging on the magnetic front pad, while on the back, it has three AC ports, plus two USB-C and two USB-A ports.

Qi2 chargers aren’t the only accessories Anker is revealing. A USB-C (not Lightning) Nano battery dongle-looking charger with 22.5W charging is available starting today for $29.99 on Amazon. And I’m a fan of Anker’s pop-out AC port chargers on the company’s 100W Charging Station — which now comes in a new baby version. The Anker Nano Charging Station uses the same weird non-standard AC cable but also has two USB-C and two USB-A ports with up to 67W charging support, and is available now on Amazon for $65.99.

Earlier this month, Anker launched a bunch of high-powered chargers and batteries for true mobile warriors. Now Anker has MagGo, new Nano series chargers, and more on the show floor at IFA Berlin, ready for those who aren’t carrying too many things in a backpack.

The Qi2 MagGo devices are expected to ship in late 2023 and remain without price tags, and the Nano series chargers are available to purchase today.

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