Aug 18, 2023

Best Google Pixel 8 accessories in 2023

These are the best add-ons to complement your new Google Pixel 8

The Google Pixel 8 is here, and if you're picking one up then it’s only natural to start perusing the online and physical marketplaces for accessories to round out your new phone’s place in your daily lineup. From the color you’ll choose for your Pixel 8 to third party additions like cases and power banks, there’s a lot to sift through, as is the case with any new phone.

The Google Pixel 7 arrived with great fanfare, and the Pixel 8 has raised the bar among affordable flagship models once more. Now that you’ve decided to pull the trigger on Google’s latest and greatest, these are the best accessories to help take it up another notch.

It's hard to beat the compatibility features that come from the manufacturer's own accessories. The Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) provides a solid stand that acts as a home base for your newest Pixel phone. The stand allows you to use your Pixel 8 as a Nest Hub, and it provides wireless charging compatibility, too. The Pixel 8 can draw a max charge rate of 18W from the Pixel Stand.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is a worthy follow up to the brand's first smartwatch offering. The new smartwatch improves on a number of areas, including an updated chipset and a redesigned digital crown. The watch offers up to 40% improvement in heart rate tracking, even during strenuous activities. The watch also offers a 24-hour battery with rapid charging that outpaces the previous generation.

This tempered glass screen protector pack from ArmorSuit offers a smudge-resistant coating and immaculate visual clarity. The three-pack of screen protectors arrives with an alignment tool as well, meaning you can easily install your first MilitaryShield screen protector without any outside input. The screen protectors are excellent for preventing scratches, cracks, and fingerprints.

Caseology is a celebrated smartphone case maker, and the Parallax continues in the brand's tradition. The Parallax for the Pixel 8 showcases a 3D Hexa Cube Design for standout style as well as a textured TPU edge design that offers essential grippiness around the entire device. The raised lip that protects the screen and camera bar are also excellent features that round out a great case. The Parallax is available in Burgundy, Ash Gray, and Matte Black.

The Spigen 65W Dual-USB-C Charging Block pairs perfectly with your new Pixel 8. The two output ports provide a wealth of power that can even handle the charging needs of a laptop that connects via a USB-C. The GaN chipset allows for a small form factor as well as less heat production than the typical charging block. Paired with your Pixel 8, the charger is more than capable of managing your fast charging needs.

Modern car charging is often slow. The included USB ports just aren't up for the challenges of today's handheld power needs. This is where the Baseus Car Charger comes into play. The unit plugs into the holdover cigarette lighter ports that remain in vehicles and offers three outgoing USB connections (including two USB-C ports). The charger offers up to 65W output, meaning your device won't have any issues juicing up at full speed.

A great pair of earbuds with active noise cancelation, the Pixel Buds Pro offer up a truly premium in-ear audio experience. The buds are driven by 11mm speakers and allow for EQ customization as well. With crystal clear vocal audio, they're also great for taking calls while you're on the go. These are a fabulous pairing with the newest Pixel 8.

Privacy screens are an underrated accessory that phone users across the board should be taking note of. The IMBZBK privacy screen offers blackout visuals from a 28-degree angle and beyond from all directions, yet the screen protector is translucent when viewed straight on. The screen protector won't just save your phone from cracks, but also shields your data from prying eyes.

The Peak Design mounting system is one of the best solutions for avid bikers and those who rely on their wheels for the daily commute, or anyone who's already a user of the company's camera kit. Thankfully, the Everyday case is slim, looks great, and comes in a few attractive color options that will enhance your phone's overall presence too.

Car charging is often an afterthought until you need it. The ability to add battery capacity to your phone reliably while you're on the move is a must. The CHGeek car charging phone mount provides a 15W fast charge capability while holding your Pixel 8 in the perfect position to consult the phone's directions. The mount can be clamped onto the dashboard or clipped to an air vent for a few options that will give you an ideal vantage point.

This Anker power bank offers plenty of juice to keep your Google Pixel 8 going through even the most strenuous periods of use. The 10,000mAh capacity is enough to fully charge your device twice, with a bit to spare. A power bank is a great accessory to keep, no matter what devices you frequently rely on. The slim build of the 10K Anker pack makes it seriously portable while retaining solid performance.

Mophie is a solid performer in the smartphone accessory space. This simple yet high-performance wireless charging pad provides exactly what you need to charge your Pixel 8 quickly without any bulky extras or inflated price tags. The charging pad delivers 15W of power, providing speeds that nearly mirror that of the much more expensive first-party stand from Google without the added cost.

Finding the best accessories to pair up with your new Google Pixel 8 is all about personal style and your unique usage requirements. Most users will demand features that help bring the phone’s wireless charging capabilities to the forefront. And many will lean on screen protectors and cases to keep the device safe from daily wear and tear.

In our search, we’ve found a number of great accessories to improve the function and enjoyment that you’ll take from the new Pixel right when it arrives. The best has to be Google’s own Pixel Stand. The ability to integrate your phone into the smart home features that help power many other aspects of your life is a major benefit. The Pixel Stand charges your phone while propping it up to serve as a mini smart display - just bear in mind that you're paying a premium for it.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is another great choice. Integrating directly with the Pixel 8, the newest smartwatch from Google offers enhancements over its predecessor across the board. From better heart rate tracking to enhanced battery performance and faster charging, the new Pixel Watch 2 acts as perhaps the perfect complement to the company’s newest smartphone.

Protection against the elements also rank highly for users of any smartphone. Our best value pick is the ArmorSuit MilitaryShield screen protector pack. It’s a three-piece, tempered glass screen protector option that ships with an alignment tool to help quickly add a layer of protection to the glass face of your device.

Paired up with one of our favorite Pixel 8 cases, the Caseology Parallax, you’ll be looking at a fantastic device in an attractive and well-guarded outer shell.