Aug 08, 2023

Compatibility Issues Between iPhone 15 & BMW Wireless Charging

If you own an iPhone 15 and drive a BMW, you may want to reconsider using the car’s built-in wireless charging pad to charge your device.

Several BMW enthusiasts have recently reported their dismay that the iPhone 15’s NFC chip has stopped working after they’ve gone through the seemingly innocuous process of recharging their phone’s battery using their car’s wireless charging pad. People talked about this weird issue on the internet, like MacRumors and Reddit. People with this issue reported iPhones entering data recovery mode with a blank white screen. Also, the NFC chip in the iPhone, which is important, stopped working when they restarted the phone.

For those who aren’t as tech-savvy, it’s worth noting that the NFC chip in an iPhone is the driving force behind a number of features. They include Apple Pay and digital car keys. Those who have encountered the problem have complained of an error message saying “Could not set up Apple Pay” within the Wallet app. Sadly, there’s no easy solution to this puzzling issue right now. Some affected people say Apple gave them a new iPhone because the NFC chip was broken. However, this solution doesn’t work long-term; the new iPhone faces the same issue, and a lasting fix remains elusive.

Most complaints are from iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users. It could also affect the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. So, if you have any version of the iPhone 15, be careful when you use this specific charging method in your BMW until they fix the issue.

The actual cause of this perplexing problem remains unknown. Furthermore, critical facts such as the actual number of consumers affected and the BMW models involved remain unknown. MacRumors tried to contact Apple, but the latter hasn’t replied yet. We’ll keep you updated once there is an official explanation.