Jan 18, 2024


iPhones may have finally upgraded to USB-C charging in 2023 - however, they also still have the same MagSafe technology as the 14 series, and users who move on to their successors are probably going to want to continue to use it. Either way, ESR asserts that its 3-in-1 Travel Wireless Charging Set has all anyone would need to charge their whole mobile Apple ecosystem on the go.

The main event of this kit consists of a gadget with a "MagSafe compatible" charging pad on top of a flip phone-like form factor so that it can also double as a stand that holds the iPhone in either landscape or portrait content consumption mode while charging.

The Set also reveals a second coil for AirPods to charge just behind the handset, as well as an upward-facing type-C port behind that. It is set there for the Portable Watch Charger, an almost iPod Shuffle-looking object which can of course plug into other chargers - or even laptops - with the same port on its own.

The same detachable "officially Made for Watch" charger is also part of ESR's 3-in-1 Charger Stand for the home, although it would be in white rather than black as in the travel kit. The latter also ships with a 1.5 meter (m, or 5-foot) type-C to -C cable, a 20W power brick and a bag to keep all of that together for a full price of US$89.99 on Amazon.


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